Our Innovators

Dr. Vered Blass
Head of the Lab
Tzruya Calvão Chebach
PhD Candidate/Servicizing in agri-food
Hadar Sutovsky
PhD student \ Environmental Assessment of Emerging Technologies and Early stage ideas
Rotem Izak
PhD student/Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Former Master's Student/ E-waste
Adi Mager
PhD student\ closing the loop for illegal waste management
Tzach Harari
PhD student\ Environmental Assessment of industry 4 innovation
Nicole Stein
Entrepreneur and Research Associate/ Circular Economy Business Models
Dr. Ayelet Davidovitch
Post-doc researcher/ Alternative Fuels Vehicles and energy models
Dan Shayov
Master Student\ Green Buildings LCA
Sophia Igdalov
Master Students\ MFA in the construction industry
Tamar Meshulam
Master Student \ Food Waste
Ammie Wolf
Master student/ Environmental management and reporting
Karin Bakshi
Master student\ textiles recycling, nanocellulose. LCA of emerging technologies, MFA
טל שולזינגר
Master student\ MFA and electronic waste in Israel
Aviram Ohad
Master student\Alternative Fuels Vehicles and energy models
Shai Winograd
Programmer RA \ Energy models
Amit Ashkenazy
Research Assistant, PhD Student at TU Delft//Transport Electrification
Lior Turgeman
Former Master Student/Urban agri-food
Dr. Noa Meron Stern
Former PhD Student//LCA
Dr. Sara Encarnacao
Former Post Doc//Transport Electrification
Liat Zvi
Former Master's Student//Transport Electrification
Adi Sarid
Former research assistant /Transport Electrification
Uri Mahler
Former Master's Student//Transport Electrification
Rona Galezer
Former Master's Student//Transport Electrification
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