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Prof. Blass came back to Israel in 2010 from UC Santa Barbara, where she has completed her PhD in Environmental Science and Management and MSc in Environmental Science and Management, specializing in Corporate Environmental Management.


Her motivation and vision were to help advance here her areas of expertise, industrial ecology and corporate environmental management, fledgling fields in Israel as of yet. 

Prof. Blass is committed to integrating sustainability-oriented thinking into research and teaching in the field of business, through innovative classes and interdisciplinary teams of scholars, addressing both practical and academic challenges.


Prof. Blass's research is positioned at the interface of industrial ecology and management sciences, focusing on decision making and the measurement of economic and environmental performance, using a diverse set of tools and analysis methods. her research agenda spans topics ranging from handling electronic waste and analyzing managerial decision-making processes relating to environmental impacts, switching to new business models that bring to decoupling of economic growth from environmental impacts, to assessing energy alternatives for transportation in Israel.


Prof. Blass engages with colleagues and institutions at different levels in the industry, government and the academic community both inland and abroad to promote her research and professional agendas.

She is currently involved in collaborative research with scholars from multiple universities in the U.S., Europe, and Brazil, playing an active role in initiating and promoting joint projects in the different research groups in which she takes part.  Prof. Blass's projects have been recognized and funded by different institutions, e.g. the Marie Curie IRG program, Israeli Energy and Water Ministry, Israeli Environmental Protection Ministry, European Commission FP7 program, ISF, etc. 

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