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  • Vered Blass

New: The COVID-19 / Environment Nexus

The sudden "Corona Revolution" created a rapid and unprecedented change in the behavior, consumption and production patterns of the general population,the business community, local government and national government offices. These included reduced air traffic, reduced public transport and private mobility, work and study from home, online consumption of services, change in the nature of shopping, closure of restaurants, increased use of disposable products (such as gloves, masks, tools), change in household behavior regarding consumption and waste management, Financial management, logistics, etc. The sudden change raises interesting questions as to why some of the similar behavioral changes required to combat some of the environmental problems facing humanity today such as climate change do not occur in the "business as usual" situation. Moreover, some of these changes can continue over time and bring long-term socio-economic and environmental benefits.

We therefore try to estimate the changes occurred and their environmental implications in the long term. Our lab is leading the Sustainability Channel at the Academia-IL Collective Impact COVID-19 platform in Israel. We are currently running multiple research initiatives and welcome international collabotrations. For more info please contact Vered Blass at

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