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Industrial Ecology has established itself as a prominent discipline in environmental sciences and theory. By utilizing ecological concepts to think of human actions and industrial  systems, industrial ecologists found new ways to analyze cities, industries, material and energy flow.


IE Applied was founded by Prof. Vered Blass from Tel Aviv University, working closely with environmental scholars from a wide range of backgrounds and training. 


The lab aims to push the boundaries of industrial ecology, to progress research, and to find new ways to apply the tools and insights from our discipline within business management and policy design. Prof. Blass works with an impressive team of master's students, PhD students, and research assistants who graduated from top universities in the US and Europe.  


Combining quantitative assessment and system thinking with qualitative, social science based understanding of people and organizations, IE Applied conducts ground breaking work to solve problems and create a new environmental vision in myriad fields: Life Cycle Thinking and modeling for localizing LCA results, promoting servicizing in new markets and fields, creating innovative end-of-life infrastructure to support material efficiency, mobility electrification and Green ICT. Our work is based on finding novel interdisciplinary methodologies to explore environmental, social and economic problems and questions. Our work aims to bridge the gap between academic rigor and policy formulation and implementation. 


The lab works closely with key industry partners and policy makers throughout the year, and host round tables and international events to demonstrate the potential of industrial ecology in shaping our industry and governance systems and their interaction with the environment. 


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